MVC 3 Web Application

This C# web application queries a database and display the results to the view based on the MVC 3 Entity Framework Code First, but with an existing database.

The database used is the adventureworks2012 database that can be downloaded via CodePlex. Being that the database existed already, but I wanted to use the code first the tool used is Entity Framework Reverse engineer that is in the TFS powertools. There is currently a bug with the power tools and the  adventureworks2012 database (view bug) when accessing some objects which I worked around by removing them and working with only what would work with the reverse engineering tool.

Other features I used in this application are jquery and ajax in the table view. The jquery was used in the hover functionality. The search functionality is refreshed with the ajax. The pagination was done with the help of pagedList. I will update this with the IoC (inversion of control) with dependency injection. Have a look

To view the code in TFS please feel free to do so @ user:webuser pass: Ihigtj2d